About Us

Mark Hill

Michael Cooke Garden Design
Having spent time designing gardens in Melbourne Mark is now living on the Coast with his family. Mark says `gardens, like food, have the ability to bring people together’ and he believes that life imitates art. He draws inspiration from experience and has an enthusiasm for creating unique spaces. Mark has a horticultural diploma and brings 15 years of industry experience to the design table before developing our landscape concept and construction documents.

Kaiya Browning

After 13 years at the Australian National Botanic Gardens in Canberra working with Australian native plants,  Kaiya now calls the Central Coast home, along with her partner and rambunctious toddler. With a genuine love for plants, she is design focused, with an aim to create public and private landscape spaces that will provide a legacy for generations to come. Kaiya has an Advanced Diploma of Applied Sciences / Bachelor of Landscape Architecture.
Michael Cooke Garden Design

Michael Cooke

Michael Cooke Garden Design
`At first light while my wife sleeps and before the sun rises I’ll be down in the orchard barefoot, picking summer-scented figs. I’m in paradise. The dewy lawn is long, vivid green parrots swoop through the Eucalyptus; idyllic as it is I think there’s more to a garden than plants.’ After a lifetime of working with and designing with plants, Michael’s ideal garden will look lived in and loved. Michael was Garden Editor of Marie Claire Lifestyle, the Sydney magazine and is the author of two books – the most recent being `Disobedient Gardens’ with photography by Brigid Arnott.