Denese Oates sculpture

Denese Oates sculpture

I’m very much enjoying a pair of sculptures made by Denese Oates which we had here for our open garden, which are still here at `Hawthorne’

I love the lightness and transparency of these sculptures – made from copper wire and finished with verdigris they look very much at home. Midway through last Sunday afternoon I realised that nobody knew they were actually for sale – they looked like part of the scenery. So now you know, for more information contact Stella Downer – who represents Denese or myself.

Outdoor sculpture takes a garden to a whole new level, many are used in formal settings, but I particularly enjoy sculpture when it contasts with a slightly overgrown, whimsical part of the garden. I have `Twine’ positioned by the copper door which leads to the wine cellar where I can enjoy it from our bedroom window.


`Twine’ by Denese Oates



Close detail