October 7, 2018 Summer on my mind

It's cold, wet and windy, we've been waiting for rain for so long and I'm not complaining which has given me the opportunity to get writing. I've been out walking around the garden this morning making slight adjustments to plantings. I get about questioning myself if this or that plant combination is the best I

November 5, 2016 Ready to Rock and Roll

Everything is in place, the garden is ready, the stage is set. As I said to Linda Ross on the radio 2ue yesterday - if there are any weeds and unfinished work we will put them down to disobedience which gets me out of all sorts of problems. Gates open at 10am - entry is

October 1, 2016 Hunter Valley Projects

Travelling has refreshed me and opened my mind to the unique beauty of our own homeland. This past week Mark and I were in Hunter Valley wine country, which in Winter is very beautiful in its own special way. We have just completed another Hunter Valley design, which we began directly preceding my holiday in France,