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Summer Flurry

It seems like nothing is growing – and then all of a sudden it happens. I like to think of the plants in my garden as a room full of people at a lecture; the speaker asks if there are any questions and most of the attendants  stare blankly into space, then one tentative hand goes up and then another and before you know if there are people busting to speak.

This is my garden, nothing happens and then one little plant puts up it’s hand, it’s game on and they’re off.

As you know I love a bit of wildness in the garden. I appreciate order but I want to know that the garden is alive and has a mind of its own.

The trick is to know what to let go and what to rein in…but if you’re like me and you think it’s just too hot two control the disorderly you can also let it go until cooler autumn days

It’s stinking hot today – too hot to do anything outside. Ive already been to Bunnings early for supplies, whipper snipped the edges and watered the needy. Now I’m in the studio where I’m cool, so I’m just going to splash out with some images from my garden because I have the time to do so…

Salvia leucanthe, Miscanthus Cabaret (variegated leafed grass), Dracaena draco and Miscanthus nepalensis


From front to back                                                                                                 Miscanthus Adagio, Rosa Autumnalis, Xanthorrhoea glauca, Foeniculum vulgare Purpureum, Japanese box swirls, horizontal elms and Magnolia grandiflora


Miscanthus Cabaret with Cereus peruvianus


A dwarf crepe myrtle I have no name for with Cereus peruvianus, tall Agave weberi in flower and a lot of other wild flowery things…


Miscanthus nepalensis, Protasparagus meyerii, Kalanchoe orgyalis and Agave vilmoriniana