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Roadside Agave

The time is almost here to say goodbye to the old Agave at my entry gate.  Agave are monocarpic which means they flower once and then die – now the buds have opened and the yellow blooms almost spent this will be it. The leaves which were once so spectacular  are swiftly withering, yellowing and shrinking as they give all they have to it’s future offspring.

An Agave weberi stem laden with similar blooms fell onto the lawn yesterday afternoon when Cathy was mowing the lawn and I had to sever it at the base, and later this week week when it’s not so hot I will dig what’s left of the plant out of the garden with Adrian. I have a splendid collection of healthy young plants which have sprung from the base so I’m not too distressed – and if I were I could do absolutely nothing to prevent this from happening.