May 7, 2019 Autumn leaves, flowers, scents and berries

It's a wild messy time of year and I love it! The paths are strewn with fallen leaves, the weeds are growing like there's no tomorrow and the garden surprises me every week with a new appearance - often unscheduled and unexpected. The days have been unseasonably warm with only a few coolish nights and the fireplace

December 28, 2017 Summer Break

It’s been a while since I’ve had a moment to stop, chill and really relax like I now am, and I’m loving the luxury of sloth.   I usually wake up around 4am and go to the gym before I begin with my first appointment or I begin my working day in the studio. This morning I

April 6, 2017 Disobedient Gardens talk at Glenmore House

  Two years ago I finally got to visit the garden at Glenmore House on one of their spring open days, and I did so with my Dad. I have known Mickey Robertson the owner of Glenmore via Instagram for a few years and admire what she has created. Both of us had a book published last year with Murdoch Books -

January 28, 2017 Another Morning in Paradise

This morning feels like a holiday. Late getting out of bed (6am is late for me) and after feeding dogs, chickens and horses a slow walk around the garden to check out what's happening. The grass is long - too long, but Cathy will get to that later this morning or tomorrow. The garden is

November 15, 2016 When imperfection is just perfect

On the sandstone terrace outside my back door is a terracotta pot with a broken handle which was given to me by a friend when she was moving house. There was an Epiphyllum growing in it when I got it - not very beautiful, with blemishes all over it, I left it in the pot just

November 8, 2016 Graveyard rose

Well that's it. My book `Disobedient Gardens' has been launched and it's a strange feeling knowing that many eyes are seeing what I see and `hearing' my words as they're read. As I walked alone through the deserted garden that was full of strangers on Sunday I caught a whiff of cloves and scanned the garden for

November 4, 2016 We’re almost ready for visitors

As the week progresses we're inching toward the big day this coming Sunday 6th November when we open our gates to the public, and launch `Disobedient Gardens' the book I have been writing and working on for almost four years (with extraordinary images by Brigid Arnott). For Cathy and I this day also signifies the