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Graveyard rose

Well that’s it. My book `Disobedient Gardens’ has been launched and it’s a strange feeling knowing that many eyes are seeing what I see and `hearing’ my words as they’re read.

As I walked alone through the deserted garden that was full of strangers on Sunday I caught a whiff of cloves and scanned the garden for the flower that was responsible. The Jasminum multipartitum I had tied to an iron frame we has relocated in winter was in bloom and in all the rush it had been forgotten. Many parts of the garden continue without my interference, and surprise me with their beauty, like the gallica rose in the orchard, a cutting I snitched from a Victorian grave in Braidwood many, many years ago which flowers once each year without annual pruning – I don’t spray any pest or fungal spots in my garden, they have to look after themselves in this way so I know what I have is tough and resilient.  This rose also has a powerful old rose scent. (disregard the `disobedient’ weed growing in the middle of the rose image)

Thank you for all the people that came along to the open day and purchased a book, and thanks also if you donated something to Greyhound Rescue NSW because we raised over $800