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We’re almost ready for visitors

As the week progresses we’re inching toward the big day this coming Sunday 6th November when we open our gates to the public, and launch `Disobedient Gardens’ the book I have been writing and working on for almost four years (with extraordinary images by Brigid Arnott). For Cathy and I this day also signifies the completion of many unfinished projects and the official start of party time, when we spend more time eating, drinking and hanging out by the swimming pool than gardening. Of course I love gardening, but I would so much rather be outside with my friends and family.

I’m very fortunate to have many amazing gardeners that help me in the months which precede this day, so despite the name of my book I sincerely hope that my garden will appear suitably primped and preened.

This is the first blog post for some time as my new website has been under construction – now up and running, so take a peek it looks fantastic, thanks Tim.

Michael Cooke Garden Design

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